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A New Beginning!

So, it has been a while since I posted a blog post. However, I now have more time on my hands and will be posting more regularly. I have some exciting new I now have a master's degree under my belt! I am so proud of me for getting through it as I have had a few challenges along the way, and as a child I was told I would never go to university. 

For anyone who have dreams and goals don't give up or listen to people who do not believe in you. Keep going you will be amazed where your dreams will take you, it might not be exactly where you planned, or it may take you down an unexpected path. However, you may end up at a better destination than you imagined.  

What next, well I am now open to receive commissions, I will be working on a few personal projects and starting a YouTube channel. If you are interested in my progress, please come back to my site regularly as I will be updating it more regular.  

I have added more work to my website including my final pieces form my final major project from university.  

For my final piece I looked into Art Therapy, how it can help a person's self-discovery and the wider community. I created at least one art piece a day for a month, taken one or two hours out a day to connect to myself through art and music.  

My goal was not to create a perfect piece of art during these sessions, but to let myself get lost in the moment and letting the creativity flow without the pressure of the outcome. I did experiment like connecting to my inner child and letting it out, as well as exploring my emotions I felt on the day. 

For the community side of things, I ran four art therapy inspired sessions at my local community centre. I found taking the pressure of creating perfect art and just doing art for the experience, people felt more confident to try new things and enjoy the progress more. I also created a video for my portfolio, with the help of the people who attended the sessions. Which I owe my thanks to and a special thank you to Chris who sadly passed away shortly after. 

Below are my final pieces from the project, where I explored my imagination and inner child. 


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