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New Print's, Combining Digital with Traditional

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, hope you had a good one. I have some exciting news my shop is now up and running with my first prints and a few fun items. I have created two sets of four Rat Tarot prints, one coloured set and one blank and white.

These are printed on fine Giclee Hahnemuhle Pearl , which gives the prints a beautiful shimmer appearance.

The last few weeks I have been playing around with watercolours, inspired by my last blog. Which gave me the idea for this blog. With my art I like to combine, Traditional art with digital art, by using programs like Photoshop, Procreate and Painter.

For me it can create a diffrent type depth to a piece of traditional art, it can also produce many unique styles of art depending on what you do both with traditional and digital art.

As artist when we create a piece of traditional art, it is some what more risky than digital art as things are not as easy to delete or correct like digital. So we sometimes have a stack of creations that we may not know what to do with. Sometimes these can be experiments we have done, that we were not planning to sell, and a lot of time these go in the bin.

However these can be recycled in many ways, from creating collages or backgrounds. One of my favorite ways is using digital programs to transform them.

Here I was experimenting with using masking liquid to create a watercolour tree. Even though I liked what I created, I could not see it as a final piece or knew were to go with it.

So I decided to play around with photoshop and its filters. Which created images with more depth and texture, witch felted more completed to me. This first one gives off a oil painting vide to it, especially as I used a art filter.

This next one I left the hand drawn background showing and put the tree through two of the arty filters on Photoshop to create this look.

This is what it looked like before i added the background pen drawing and putting it though the final filter.

After having fun with photoshop I headed to procreate, to show you another way to miniplate your traditional art. For this one I went with a cartoony look with the lines added an arrow and gave it a colourful, watercolur background. The background was from scrap art i created with similar colours to the tree.

These are a couple of other example of turning watercolours into digital art using procreate. I hope my blog has given you a few new ideas of how to use your traditional scrap art into something new.

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