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My First Blog!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

First let me introduce you to what I intend for these blogs, and what I hope to achieve with them. These blogs are to update visitors to my site with projects and activities I am up to, it is also a place where I highlight other artists, tutorials, and products reviews.

I will also mention anything interesting I find going on in the art world, or an interesting article. So, this blog is mostly art based however I may add the odd off topic subject.

Before I go on about my main subject of this blog, which is about Skillshare and the Artist Sarah Van Der Linden, I will give you a quick update on me and my site.

Currently my site is still undergoing construction, so please be patient with me. I am currently working on some new art for my site, and plan to add print, cards, and original art to my shop in the next few months.

I have some rat Tarot Card prints coming soon, see my Instagram for a preview. Also going to be working on some Local Watercolours plus galaxy and crystal inspired paintings.

So, let us get down to business, just recently I signed up for a free trial to Skillshare. Which is a website for people and professionals to watch tutorials on a wide variety of subjects. However, it is strongly based in the creative fields with other subjects like Business, management and even wellbeing.

As I plan to get back into watercolour, so I searched for some tutorials and Sarah Van Der Linden caught my eye.

Sarah is based in the French countryside and specializes in very naturalistic watercolour and gouache paintings. Her art is very striking, full of texture, colour and with a softness to them. The Skies she paints are very atmospheric and dreamlike at times.

She also has some wonderful botanic art, and her landscapes are amazing.

Sarah has plenty of tutorials on the Skillshare website, like painting forest, skies, and botanicals.

The first tutorial I did was her Creating landscapes, painting skies with watercolor, which I found easy to follow and fun to do. She explains everything supremely and her presentation is spot on. The next tutorial I completed was her Creating landscapes, painting night skies with watercolor.

I have added a few examples of what I created during her tutorials below, though I did add a bit of my own flare to a couple of them like adding Brusho and painting flowers with Acrylic.

If you want to check out Saras Art and tutorials I have the links here for you.

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