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Out and About Middlesbrough

I am a little late with posting my blog. This was intended for my February post; however, I had a very interesting and busy month.

Also, due to dropping my Apple pencil and damaging it, I have not done any digital art for some time. Honestly, I have enjoyed the break from my iPad, and strangely enough has fitted well with my current University project.

This project is all about drawing from real life and not photographs, we also could choose our own subject matter. The subject I chose was Urban nature and decay, I have focused this on and around Middlesbrough.

Which has had its own challenges with the weather, my ability to get out and at one point having stones thrown at my while I drew. Having said that I have enjoyed getting out and taking the time to appreciate some of the hidden beauty of the town.

So far, I have mainly focused on the beautiful side of Middlesbrough and have experimented with different methods and art materials. These coming weeks I will be exploring the decay side of things, like litter, natural decay and the decay of the town as a concept.

My goal for this project is to firstly to challenge myself with drawing from life more and the challenges that it brings up. The wider concept is to create a piece of art that makes the viewer consider how we can include and encourage nature more in our urban spaces, and what we can do to improve and clean up these areas.

Having said all that, I thought I would share some of my sketches from the project. Hope you enjoy!

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